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Update: The Mac/PC Computer game & simulation “Anasazi of Chaco Canyon” is available now at Amazon.com

Anasazi of Chaco Canyon, Book and Video Game
Chaco Canyon Simulation for Mac & PC computers

Neil Judd was one of the first to excavate the Anasazi Ruins of Chaco Canyon. After he discovered the legendary turquoise necklace in Pueblo Bonito, he wrote:

“I cannot adequately describe the thrill of that discovery.   It was so unexpected, so unforeseen.  A casual scrape of a trowel across the ash-strewn floor, a stroke as mechanical as a thousand other strokes made every day, exposed the long-hidden treasure…..”

Now, for the first time ever, you can re-create the thrill of that discovery in Chaco Canyon on any Mac or PC computer. The program has 14 full 3D recreations of Anasazi Great Houses and important buildings, over 40 faithfully recreated Anasazi artifacts, and a special bonus… A functioning Sun Dagger!

Where is Chaco Canyon?

Its not easy to get to!  First of beware that some roads that GPS devices recommend may not be suitable for passenger cars. Chaco Canyon is located in Northwestern New Mexico, and there is no public transportation to the canyon. The nearest airports are in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Durango, Colorado, and Farmington, New Mexico. Its not easy to get to these Anasazi ruins!


What was Chaco Canyon?

Chaco Canyon during the years 850-1150 AD is perhaps the most fascinating chapter in Southwest USA history. The fate of the mysterious, “vanished” Anasazi Indians intrigues scientists and visitors to this day. Their tremendous achievements can be found in many places, including the spectacular cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park. But the crest of the Anasazi wave was Chaco Canyon, a shallow, windswept wash in northwest New Mexico. Here in Chaco Canyon, 1,000 years ago, strange and unexplained events unfolded. Now, for the first time ever, explore a 3D model of Chaco Canyon, relive historic excavations, and access a stunning recreation of the legendary Sun Dagger astronomical site.


The Chaco Canyon Video Game / Computer simulation is available now for Mac and PC at Amazon.com.

Blog & Updates

3D Digital Reconstruction of the Sun Dagger at Chaco Canyon

Of all the treasures held within Chaco Canyon, the Sun Dagger may be the most enigmatic. A spiral petroglyph tucked behind three huge sandstone slabs proved to be one of the most sophisticated pre-historic calendars known. It was discovered by artist Anna Sofaer in 1977, and was well documented and commemorated in the “Mystery of …