Chaco Archaeology Dig (Virtual!)

Anasazi of Chaco Canyon virtual Archaeology dig preview. Below is an image from early, testing version of the game. There are over 40 authentically replicated Anasazi objects, some of which are near exact replicas of important artifacts uncovered in Chaco Canyon. You need to excavate, but carefully, as not to damage these priceless treasures.

Chaco Canyon Anasazi Virtual Archaeology
Screenshot from actual gameplay. Using the brush to carefully uncover an authentic, intact, 3D Anasazi pot from a Great House room in Chaco Canyon.


Macaw skull from Pueblo Bonito

chaco canyon pueblo bonito macaw skull

The wide variety of artifacts found in Chaco Canyon from the Anasazi era is impressive. Especially when you consider the major sites were likely looted several times over hundreds of years before archaeologists were able to conduct a proper survey.

One of the most intriguing and most important finds were the presence of skulls and skeletons of Scarlet Macaws, traded from hundreds of miles south. Like turquoise and chocolate, they were likely prized trade goods, and their perceived wealth may have contributed to a stratified societal hierarchy.

In the Chaco Canyon video game / computer simulation, one of the treasures you may find during your virtual archaeological dig is a 3D replica of a Scarlet Macaw skull, found in Pueblo Bonito by researchers from theĀ American Museum of Natural History in 1897.


Archaeology Gameplay

Image drawing your trowel against the packed sand in one of the interior rooms of Pueblo Bonito. A glimmer of some long lost object…. a piece of pottery, turquoise jewelry, or ancient Anasazi tool? You’ll have to continue digging to find out, and dig carefully to avoid damaging a priceless artifact. This virtual archaeology dig in Chaco is just one of the fascinating parts of the program.

Progress update

The programmers and developers continue to make excellent progress, and our expected launch date is 26 March, 2017. In a recent test, I was able watch an in-game sunset over Fajada Butte, and observe the shadows disappear at high noon against the center wall of Pueblo Bonito. Its looking really good. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for more updates.