Native American Artifacts

When the first Europeans reached the shores of this continent nearly five hundred years ago, it was a vast, fertile land that supported millions of culturally distinct people who spoke in hundreds of different languages. Although no one knows for sure, a few experts believe as many as 20 to 60 million people were then native to North America. Native impression Who are these ancient Americans, Anasazi, Crow, Cherokee? And where did they come from? Via the Alaskan land bridge? How did they hunt, fish, farm, and live their lives? Now, thousands of years later, these artifacts have been recovered throughout almost all of North and South America.

Anasazi Pottery

One of the most dazzling of Native American artifacts is clay pottery. The creativity, style, and utility of Anasazi pottery was like nothing seen before or since. Around Mesa Verde and the Anasazi Capitol of Chaco Canyon, beautiful and functional pottery was found in large quantities. Ancestral Puebloan clans likely had their own styles and markings to identify the sub-culture.

Walk America’s Past

The Museum of Native American Artifacts invites you to “Walk Through America’s Past,” where we will use the actual artifacts to give you a glimpse into what life was like for America’s first inhabitants. Going back over 14.000 years, up to the modern day American Indians, these artifacts have been uncovered throughout all of North America and many are on display at the Museum of Native American Artifacts. The museum is divided up into five different time periods arranged in chronological order. View our Online Gallery or browse the Internet Gift Shop for your own authentic Native American Artifact.