Cultural Regions

Native American Cultural Regions can be found most anywhere in the great United States. When one travels the vast areas of the United States, one can find Native American Cultural Regions spread from the Pacific Northwest to the East, Southwest, Northeast, Midwest, and West.

Long ago, before white man came to settle on this continent, there were Native American Cultural Regions already established. Cultural foto With the need for expansion, and need for more homes to be built, unfortunately, the Native American Cultural Regions were oftentimes, uprooted and planted elsewhere and as settlements begin springing up more and more, the Native American Cultural Regions began to move and reestablish their communities in other regions of the United States.

There have been many disputes over property and land, but it is clear to many whose land this really belonged to, and that would be the Native American, and they have rights to claim their Native American Cultural Regions, as they were the first to establish their homes here.

By continuing to live in their own Native American Cultural Regions, the customs, traditions, and family life of these worthy Native Americans can thrive and still be a part of the United States.