Native American Culture

Native American Culture Today is still immensely rich in character. Over seventy percent of Native Americans live in urban areas. Far away from their native land, they are still majorly in touch with their culture. Culture portrayal The United States sets aside a certain amount to rejuvenate Native American Culture Today.

Today Challenges

Culture is a way of life. There are certain sets of beliefs and behavior patterns that are shared by the members of similar groups. Values such as these can be best expressed through art, songs or rituals. But language is the critical preservation of a culture. Slowly, but surely, Native Americans are slowly losing their culture. Culture makes up the majority of who we are. It is the definition of our individuality from others. The struggle holding on to Native American Culture Today gets harder as time passes. Despite there are many reservoirs specifically for Native American’s, the rich culture is dying slowly.

Being forced into smaller lands, and into the “American” way of life, they are slowly losing defiance. Native American’s question their choice of lifestyle every day. With questions like, do I decide to live according to the identity of my tribe? Or, do I decide to partake in a modern lifestyle? How much of United States culture do I allow to influence my life? These are questions no one should be forced to answer. Yet here we are with a dying Native American Culture Today.

Sovereignty, for many, is one of the main challenges tribes face today. Since the 60s, the United States has been increasing encouragement for tribes to take a larger and larger part in self-administering programs for their members. They are trying to get tribes to help them, help themselves. One way to revitalizing Native American Culture is through gaming. Some tribes have newfound funds from gaming to help in the process of self-help programs. We all know there is no secret to gaming. People play casino game all the time. We don’t understand that by doing so, we are helping restore one of America’s richest cultures.

Another Struggle with Native American Culture Today, preserving the family. With the United States having such influence on the younger generation more natives are choosing the city life. There are few that stay loyal to their true tribe colors. Others rather live life in the fast lane. However, most do help with the developing of gaming so in the end, they are still helping Native American Culture Today.