Tribes at Chaco?

Most likely, the Clan structure of the current Pueblo Tribes was followed at Chaco. home

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Through the Teepee, ( tepee – tipi – wigwam – wickiup – indian lodge – hogan – longhouse – dwelling or meeting place for ceremonial purposes ), graphical Links above, located on each page, you will be able to see:

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::Simple Reminder of Pow Wow Etiquette::

Below are some general guidelines for Pow Wow Etiquette – you should always check an event’s specific rules, because they may vary from tribe to tribe.

*Listen carefully and do as the Announcer | Master of Ceremonies requests, as he will inform you of any special instructions during Ceremonies and songs – also in announcing the dancers and dances during competitions.

*Ask permission before taking pictures of the entertainers out of the circle – for Ceremonies and Drum Groups also.

*The Flag Song requires you to stand, and if wearing a hat, to remove. ( Refrain from picture taking or recording at this time ).

*Regalia is the respectful word to use for the outfit’s worn by the artists and dancers. Also, while the textures and colors invite touching, hands off that regalia unless you ask first.

*Do not pick up anything dropped by a dancer – especially feathers.

*Benches or chairs, ( seats ), in the arena are for dancers – a blanket may be placed on them to show this.

*Seating may be limited, you may wish to check and see if it will be appropriate to bring your own lawn chairs or blankets.

*No one should enter the arbor, or dance circle, once the ritual dance begins unless it’s by invitation, for the area is considered sacred.

*No drugs or alcohol are allowed at Pow Wows – please remember these are sacred traditions which should be respected.

*Remember common courtesy – Be respectful to the entertainers and people around you. Make room for everyone to see, dress appropriately, and most of all – enjoy, learn and have fun!

If you should have any questions or concerns about etiquette or procedures, please check with the MC, Director or Head Singer for they will be glad to help!

.:Mission Statement:.

What we hope to accomplish here, is a coming together of all people – Native, and Non – Native alike. To hopefully, compile history, knowledge, insights, wisdom, stories, arts and crafts, etc.. Even if a little bit from each Tribe, and share them with all. This website isn’t about us, but all Native Cultures, as a whole.

A Special Thank You to all who contribute to this site and help make this a place we can all benefit from!

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