Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon Jigsaw Puzzle (1,000 Pieces)


Introducing the Fajada Butte Jigsaw Puzzle, with 1,000 pieces. This puzzle features a stunning photograph of Fajada Butte, a natural sandstone tower located in Chaco Canyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in New Mexico. Upon the top of Fajada Butte stands the world-famous Sun Dagger, with which the ancient Anasazi people could track time.

As you piece together the puzzle, you’ll be transported to the rugged beauty of the Southwest, surrounded by the towering cliffs and ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon. The Fajada Butte puzzle is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels, offering a challenge for the whole family.

The puzzle is made from high-quality cardboard with a glossy finish, ensuring the pieces fit together smoothly and the final image is vibrant and crisp. The finished puzzle measures approximately 20 inches by 28 inches, depending on the piece count.

So why wait? Add the Fajada Butte Jigsaw Puzzle to your collection today and experience the beauty of Chaco Canyon from the comfort of your own home. Comes in a thick, rigid, black box for easy storage. The lid matches the puzzle’s design.

Makes a great gift.

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