The Chaco Sky: LSSS La Sagra Sky Survey

LSSS La Sagra Sky Survey & Chaco Canyon

Operated by the Observatorio Astronómico de Mallorca (OAM), the Observatorio de La Sagra is situated in the mountains of Andalucia, Southern Spain.

International Dark Sky Poster, Tyler Nordgren

Chaco Canyon has long been recognized by many night sky purists to be one of the best locations in America to stargaze. Today, amidst this ancient landscape, once teeming with Anasazi, visitors To Chaco Canyon can experience the same dark sky that the Chacoans observed a thousand years ago.

The main activities are the development of strategies and tools for discover and track Small Solar System Bodies, particularly Near Earth Objects, and Space Debris in the course of the La Sagra Sky Survey (LSSS).

Space Debris & Other Projects:

Instrumental References
MPC (Minor Planet Center)
ESA (European Space Agency)
IAU (International Astronomical Union)
The Planetary Society:

Shoemaker NEO

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